Relax in Viña del Mar


Viña del Mar is the summer hotspot for the whose-who of Santiago.  Spanish for “vineyard by the sea”, the breathtaking views of the indigo sea will not disappoint.  Most tourists plan a day trip to Viña, but the city is definitely worth an over-night visit – especially if you are looking to relax.  

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In Chile, you will find similar prices as the United States but outdoor activities are a fraction of what they cost back home.  Spend time lounging at the beach, or better-yet, go horseback riding to take in the surroundings.  Put on your fashionable runners and join the health-conscious locals running along the sea-side promenade and don’t forget to indulge in the fresh array of seafood.

Since Viña is not as touristy as other Chilean cities, you will find there are more condo rental options than hotels (which usually do not have a lot of vacant rooms because of the cruise ships that set sail from the port close by).

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