Moroccan Medina and Souk Shopping 101

Rugs Morocco
The Medina is an intricate maze with spectacular things to see.  If you love shopping, the colourful offerings of the souks surrounding the Medina, and the stalls within it, are bound to catch your eye.

Since the narrow alleys can be difficult to navigate and are incredibly easy to get lost in, consider hiring a guide for your first visit to the Medina.  They will show you around and take you everywhere you want to go.  Your hotel (or Riad) will be able to assist you with this.  Since they want guests to have a great stay, they will call guides they work with on a regular basis and ones that other guests have had positive experiences with.

Shopaholics, be warned — you need to get ready to negotiate and accessorize with your best pokerface.  Shopping in Morocco is a marathon, not a sprint.

Now the good stuff — 6 of the best to buy:

1. Argan Oil – My favourite is the pure oil, but I also recommend picking up some black soap that is used for hammam.

2. Leather Goods – My favourite finds were envelope pouches and the sandals.  You may even want to ask for your friend’s size before you go.

3.  Spices – The displays are almost too beautiful to request the spices from, but how else are you going to prepare some of the flavourful Moroccan recipes when you get home?

4.  Straw Hats – They may be annoying to pack, but they are a lot of fun and will come in handy when you lounging poolside at your road or hotel.

5.  Colourful Kilim Clutches – These are one of my favourite souk finds.

6.  Rugs – So many to choose from.  If you find one you love, negotiate the price and get it.  The shops have so many unique patterns, if you go back the next day you may be searching for a needle in a haystack.

Happy shopping.


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