La Sultana Marrakesh Heritage Spa


Marrakesh is an alluring place with so much to discover.  From the narrow alleys of the Medina to the cultural traditions, I knew my days would be spent going from one gem to another.  Moroccan beauty regimes have always intrigued me and, ever since the Western world’s discovery of argon oil, I wanted to find out what other secrets I might be able to borrow.

At the end of an exciting day exploring the city, I scheduled an appointment at La Sultana Heritage Spa.   La Sultana is such a unique property — it is located in the heart of the Medina and is a hotel composed of five traditional riads.  It is the perfect property for travelers who want to experience the warm hospitality, traditional atmospheres and be within a close walk to the souks and restaurants.

Walking through La Sultana to reach the spa, the charm is undeniable.  Roses in fountains, an abundance of quiet corners to lounge in and the open area over the beautiful pool that allows guests to enjoy the Moroccan rays.

When I arrived at the spa, the staff were lovely ushering me to the change room to prepare for 60 minutes of pure bliss.  I opted for the traditional Royal Hammam with a clay body wrap, a treatment many Moroccan ladies go for once a week.  As I walked through the room covered in marble, with columns flanking the calm plunge-pool I entered the steam room with heated marble slabs.  I was washed and lathered with an argan black soap infused with eucalyptus and left to relax.  After this I was taken to a smaller room, where my skin was exfoliated with a mitt removing the black soap.  Clay was then placed all over my body and I as left to relax on the marble slab before the clay was washed off and I was lathered with soap.

After leaving the treatment room, I was taken to a wicker lounge chair where a cold towel with orange blossom scent was placed over my eyes allowing me to doze off.  When the cloth was removed, I was handed a refreshing carrot-orange juice to re-hydrate.  After finishing my drink, I was taken to another room where I received a massage to apply lotion.

The experience was amazing and if I had a few more days in Marrakesh, I would have booked more treatments.  The treatment left me with a glow and my skin had never felt softer.   Everything about the spa and experience was luxurious.

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